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Recent PowerPoint Presentations:

The State of CSR in the United States (Dece,ber 14, 2015) The PowerPoints of that presentation can be accessed here.

Rule of Law, the Chinese Communist Party Basic Line, and Judicial Reform (法治,中国共产党基本路线原则,以及司法改革) (December 11, 2015) ENGLISH AND CHINESE VERSIONS AVAILABLE

Stress Points and Structural Challenges for the Continued Viability of the University Faculty Senate (September 2013)

State and Party in the Scientific Development of a Legitimate Rule of Law Constitutional System in China:  The Example of Laojiao and Shuanggui (June 2013) (With Keren Wang)

Using the Sandusky Scandal as a Case Study:  Due Diligence Requirements of Corporate Board Members in Profit and Non-Profit Organizations (2013)

The Proletarian Corporation (2012)

Institutionalizing Global Principles of Business and Human Rights:  The U.N. Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights. (2012).

´The Artist´: Legality and Legitimacy in the Savage Lands of Governance. (April 16, 2012).

Governance Without Government or Government Without the State: An Inquiry.  (March 1, 2012).

Transparency and Business in International Environmental Law. (Jan. 18-21, 2012).

“Order, Discipline and Exigency”: Cuba’s VIth Party Congress, the Lineamientos (Guidelines) and Structural Change In Education, Sport and Culture? (2011)

Globalization and the Socialist Multinational: Cuba and ALBA’s Grannacional Projects at the Intersection of Business and Human Rights. (2011).