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Recent PowerPoint Presentations:

“Corporations and the U.S. Constitution: Origin of Rights and Recent Trends.” Presentation for Seminar on the Constitutionalization of the Corporate Institution, East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai, China, 23 October 2017. POWERPOINT SLIDES HERE: Backer_CorpConstitutonECUPL; 中文版 Revised Chinese Version Backer_CorpConstitutonECUPL

“The (In)Visible Corporation: Asset Partitioning and Corporate Personality for an Emerging Age.” Paper delivered at the International Conference: The Corporation in a Changing World . International Commercial Law Center Shanghai University  of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China, 21-22 October 2017. POWERPOINT SLIDES HERE: Backer_Corp(In)Visibility_Conf10-2017; 中文版 Chinese Backer_CorpInVisibility_Conf10-2017

Governance Polycentrism–Hierarchy and Order Without Government in Business and Human Rights Regulation.” Presentation for Seminar Corporate Governance, Governance Regimes and the Management of the Human Rights Effects of Economic Activity, University of Manchester; Alliance  Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK.,  12 October 2017.  POWERPOINT SLIDES HERE:Backer-Collissions_Manchester10-2017

Measurement, Assessment and Reward: The Challenges of Building Institutionalized Social Credit and Rating Systems in China and in the West.” Paper delivered at the International Conference: International Symposium on Rule of Law & Social Credit Systems. KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, September 23, 2017.  POWERPOINT SLIDES HERE: Backer_MeasurementPPT

“Foreign Investment in Cuba: Law, Policy, and Practicalities.” Presentation for the 27th Annual Conference Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy Miami, Florida; 28 July 2017. ACSE_CLE_PPT_Backer_2017

The Responsibilities of Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Other Financial Institutions to Respect Human Rights: The Example of the Extractives Sector Financing (3-2017).

Sovereign Wealth Funds, Capacity Building, Development, and Governance; Wake Forest Law Review Spring Symposium March 2017.

Diversity in Legal Education: Considering the Hollow Spaces Between Speech and Action; Presentation prepared for Event: All In at Penn State Law; Addressing Diversity and Implicit Bias, Penn State Law, University Park, PA March 16, 2017.

Between State, Company, and Market: A Preliminary Engagement on the Business and Human Rights Obligations of States and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs); Prepared for Symposium Sovereign Conduct at the Margins of the Law; organized by the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 17 February 2017. 

Issues in Shared Governance, Remarks Delivered January 26, 2017 at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Baltimore, Maryland.

Between the Judge and the Law—Judicial Independence and Authority With Chinese Characteristics; prepared for 11th Annual Meeting of the European China Law Studies Association, Rome, Italy, 23 Sept. 2016.

Central Planning Versus Markets Marxism: The Cuban Communist Party Confronts Crisis, Challenge and Change in its 7th Congress; prepared for Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy 26th Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida, July 2016. 

中国,法律与外国人:国际舞台上的相互交融 (“China, Law, and the Foreigner: Mutual Engagements on a Global Stage”), prepared for Conference: Foreigners and Modern Chinese Law; Tsinghua University, Beijing China, 9 July 2016. ENGLISH VERSION HERE

Transnational Law and the Multinational Enterprise: From Legal Concept/Method Framework to Systemicity in Global Polycentric Governance Orders; prepared for Jessup’s Bold Proposal:Engagements With Transnational Law After 60 Years; King’s College Dickson Poon School of Law, Transnational Law Institute, 1-2 July 2016.

Normalization With Cuban Characteristics: How Might Cuba Navigate Normalization to Avoid Political Instability and Enhance Economic Development?; Prepared for Latin American Studies Association Annual Meeting, New York, NY May 2016.

The American Law School: Crisis and Opportunities in the 21st Century; prepared for visit of the Graduate School of Education of the University of Tokyo to Penn State University, 18 March 2016.

The State of CSR in the United States (December 14, 2015) The PowerPoints of that presentation can be accessed here.

Rule of Law, the Chinese Communist Party Basic Line, and Judicial Reform (法治,中国共产党基本路线原则,以及司法改革) (December 11, 2015) ENGLISH AND CHINESE VERSIONS AVAILABLE

Stress Points and Structural Challenges for the Continued Viability of the University Faculty Senate (September 2013)

State and Party in the Scientific Development of a Legitimate Rule of Law Constitutional System in China:  The Example of Laojiao and Shuanggui (June 2013) (With Keren Wang)

Using the Sandusky Scandal as a Case Study:  Due Diligence Requirements of Corporate Board Members in Profit and Non-Profit Organizations (2013)

The Proletarian Corporation (2012)

Institutionalizing Global Principles of Business and Human Rights:  The U.N. Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights. (2012).

´The Artist´: Legality and Legitimacy in the Savage Lands of Governance. (April 16, 2012).

Governance Without Government or Government Without the State: An Inquiry.  (March 1, 2012).

Transparency and Business in International Environmental Law. (Jan. 18-21, 2012).

“Order, Discipline and Exigency”: Cuba’s VIth Party Congress, the Lineamientos (Guidelines) and Structural Change In Education, Sport and Culture? (2011)

Globalization and the Socialist Multinational: Cuba and ALBA’s Grannacional Projects at the Intersection of Business and Human Rights. (2011).