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Recent speeches and remarks:

Closing Remarks:  Social Credit, Big Data Management, and Governance, New Possibilities, New Realities delivered at the International Conference: International Symposium on Rule of Law & Social Credit Systems. KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, September 23, 2017. Download version: Closing Remarks v2 Social Credit Conf 2017

Remarks: “Methodological Approaches to Assess the Legal Development in China’s One-Party State– A Personal Journey” delivered at the “European China Law Studies Young Scholars Workshop” at the 12th annual conference of European China Law Studies Association (ECLS), Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Leiden University. PDF HERE: Remarks LCB

Closing Remarks: International Conference: New International Trade and Investment Rules between Globalization and Anti-Globalization. Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA; April 21, 2017. PDF HERE: Closing Remarks.

Beyond Nation and Law: A Manifesto”:  Remarks at the Launch Symposium of the Dickson Poon Transnational Law Institute–“Transnational Law: What’s in a Name?” 27 April 2016. PODCAST HERE (remarks start at hour 2.32.30).

Considering a Treaty on Corporations and Human Rights: Mostly Failures But With a Glimmer of Success,  Remarks Delivered at the Workshop on a Treaty on Business and Human Rights, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, June 26, 2015. PDF HERE

Undermining Academic Freedom From the Inside: On the Adverse Effects of Administrative Techniques and Neutral Principles, Remarks delivered at the Annual Conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Washington, D.C., June 12, 2015. (pdf here:Remarks AAUP Crisis Panel6-2015 )

Conceptual, Structural, and Operationalization Constraints on the Right to Remedy Under the Guiding Principles. Remarks delivered at the parallel events session of the 3rd U.N. Forum on Business and Human Rights, “Ensuring access to effective judicial & non-judicial remedies: progress, trends & recommendations”, Geneva Switzerland, 1 December 2014.

International Monitoring and Oversight: Africa’s Increasing Presence, Remarks presented at Chatham House for Conference, Africa’s Sovereign Wealth Funds: Demand, Development and Delivery, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, United Kingdom, 5 September 2014   LINK HERE

白柯:法治与转型中国; 武卓韵|2014-06-25 LINK HERE

Methodological Issues in Implementing and Internationalized Curriculum – Five Approaches to Internationalization” Larry Cata Backer, Penn State Law; Global Penn State Conference: Internationalizing the Curriculum, Part 5. Pennsylvania State University February 2014.

Stress Points and Structural Challenges for the Continued Viability of the University Faculty Senate: Remarks Delivered at the Luncheon Honoring Past Chairs of the Penn State University Faculty Senate (September 2013 LINK HERE)

Remarks of the Senate Chair Made at the April 23, 2013 Meeting of the Penn State Faculty Senate (LINK HERE)

Remarks on Receiving the Penn State University Council of Commonwealth Student Governments’ Friend of the Commonwealth Award 2012-2013, April 13, 2013. (LINK HERE)

Statement of Senate Chair Made at the March 12, 2013 Penn State University Faculty Senate Meeting: Restructuring the Way We Operate (LINK HERE)

Statement of Senate Chair Made at the January 29, 2013 Penn State University Faculty Senate Meeting–Attendance, Alienation and Cronyism (LINK HERE)

Statement–Form and Function in Faculty Governance: Aligning Governance Structures With Changing Realities of University Administration January 29, 2013 (LINK HERE)

Statement From the Penn State University Faculty Senate Chair on the Chi Omega Sorority Photo, December 6, 2012 (LINK HERE)

Statement of Senate Chair Made at the December 4, 2012 Penn State University Faculty Senate Meeting: Is the Senate Fatally Ineffective?

Statement of Senate Chair Made at the October 16, 2012 Penn State University Faculty Senate Meeting

Statement of Senate Chair Made at the Aug 28, 2012 Penn State University Faculty Senate Meeting

Remarks on Assuming Duties as Chair of the PSU University Faculty Senate, April 24, 2012.

Being a Part and Standing Apart:  On the Culture of Law Faculties, Remarks of Larry Catá Backer as Outgoing Chair, AALS Minority Groups Section (December 2007) SpeechAALSMinoritySectionChairSpeech2007