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Links to selected policy analysis and commentary on draft legislation and other activities of public bodies.

专访丨从中美关系到美国政治——专访Larry Backer(白 轲)教授 (Interview with Professor Larry Backer (Bai Ke) from US – China Relations to American Politics)  ALSO AVAILABLE HERE: %e4%b8%93%e8%ae%bf%e4%b8%a8%e4%bb%8e%e4%b8%ad%e7%be%8e%e5%85%b3%e7%b3%bb%e5%88%b0%e7%be%8e%e5%9b%bd%e6%94%bf%e6%b2%bb-%e4%b8%93%e8%ae%bflarry-backer%e6%95%99%e6%8e%88

Commentary for the First Session of the United Nations Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law—“Widening the Democratic Space: The role of youth in public decision-making (June 22, 2016). Commentary

Commentaries on the Charity Undertakings Law of the PRC (2nd Draft) 中华人民共和国慈善事业法(二审草案) (January 30, 2016).  CPE_Backer_Comments_CUL2nd_2016.   Comparison of the first and second draft: Comparison_CUL1_CUL2_2016.  FLIA Comments as Submitted to Chinese Authorities 30 Jan 2016: FLIA_CUL2nd_Comments.

Commentaries on the Draft of the People’s Republic of China  Charity Undertakings Law  (Draft) 中华人民共和国慈善事业法(草案) (征求意见稿)(November 29, 2015). CPE_BackerComments11-2015  //// COVER LETTER and GENERAL COMMENTS (FLIA and Larry Catá Backer) (Letter) //// TECHNICAL COMMENTS (Jędrzej Górski, Zhu Shaoming, Flora Sapio) (Table-Comments-20151130). 白轲。关于中华人民共和国慈善法(草案)的评论  CHINESE VERSION: BackerCommentsCHINESE VERSION

Commentary on the People’s Republic of China Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations Management Law (Draft) (Second Reviewed Draft) 中华人民共和国境外非政府组织管理法(草案)(二次审议稿)(June 2015). DraftNGOLaw6-2015;

CHINESE LANGUAGE VERSION: Backer_Commentary_Side-by-Side Format