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“I am hard to ‘place’. My work does not fall neatly into one or another of the fields into which legal academic research usually nicely fits, but which were developed for a passing age… However, there are times when nonconformity might not suggest disorderliness or a failure of careful planning but rather might point to a necessary evolution of thinking.” -Prof. Larry Catá Backer




This website is a work in progress. New content is added on a a regular basis, and of course, blog posts go up all the time.  Please visit often.


Here you will be able to find virtually all of my published work, as well as some podcasts of presentations, PowerPoint slides, course syllabi, and links to my blog sites:


Law at the End of the Day


Monitoring University Governance

(Formerly The Faculty Voice:  Sharing While Chairing the Penn State Faculty Senate


Notice about Fair Use:

This is an educational web site. I post ideas, works in progress, opinions, blogs and other materials of an educational and professional nature. Feel free to browse and engage.  As an open site, the materials I have posted are generally available. I am glad to share these materials with anyone interested enough to read them. However, nothing in the web site is intended to solicit private legal inquiries or to provide legal counsel or legal advice to anyone accessing the materials. Visitors to this web site are welcome to share their thoughts with me. However, I may not be able to respond individually to every communication.

“Ihrem Ende eilen sie zu, die so stark im Bestehen sich wähnen. Fast schäm’ ich mich, mit ihnen zu schaffen; Zur leckenden Lohe mich wieder zu wandeln, Spür’ ich lockende Lust. Sie aufzuzehren, die einst mich gezähmt, Statt mit den Blinden blöd’ zu vergehn, Und wären es göttlichste Götter! Nicht dumm dünkte mich das! Bedenken will ich’s: wer weiss, was ich tu’!” Richard Wagner, Das Rheingold, Scene Four (Loge Aria).